Commercial Epoxy Flooring Charleston

Do you want your business to stand out amongst your competitors? Then look no further than Charleston Epoxy Flooring. Our  epoxy flooring solutions are perfect for a variety of business settings.

If you are a business that has a heavy amount of foot traffic, operate heavy equipment or are just looking for a reliable floor system, then a commercial epoxy floor solution is perfect for you.

Because of the advancements made with our epoxy floor solutions, our floors are designed to repel against solvents, chemicals, grease and oils. This makes an epoxy floor the perfect investment for your business. Built with quality and longevity in mind, your new commercial epoxy floor will have your business looking great, without breaking the budget. Costs to maintain a commercial epoxy floor are minimal with most spills and dirt only needing a light sweep and mop to tidy up.

Together with our detailed floor preparation and high-quality epoxy coatings, we guarantee to deliver a durable floor that will serve you and your business for years to come without losing its performance and appearance.

Industries we service

Our decorative epoxy floor coatings are ideal for a wide range of commercial properties. No matter whether you need a surface that can withstand heavy foot or vehicle traffic, needs to adhere to the highest cleanliness standard or needs to provide a safe walking surface, at Charleston Epoxy Flooring we have the right flooring solution for you.

Warehouses & Commercial Garages
Laboratories, Clinics and Hospitals
Shopping Centres
Sports Facilities
Restaurants, bars and cafes
Office buildings
Commercial kitchens

Why Charleston Epoxy Floor for your Business?


You need an appropriate floor that is designed to withstand heavy traffic, equipment and general wear and tear. A commercial epoxy floor can provide you with a durable solution that can withstand anything you throw or drop on it.

Affordable aesthetics

Despite how simple they may seem, epoxy floors are more aesthetically pleasing than normal concrete coatings due to the sheen and seamless appearance. With a low-slip and the best fire rating available, the safety of you and your employees is front of mind at an affordable cost.

Better Protection

With most normal floor applications, they are easily ruined by chemicals, oil or grease from equipment. This can make cleaning up spills extremely difficult. An epoxy coating will provide an extra layer of protection that repels liquid spillage. This makes clean up a breeze which can come in handy during peak periods.

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